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COOLIFE SPA(Out call whole body oil massage)

Coolife Spa have many handsome boy and beautiful girl in china, provide whole body oil massage services for gay men,man and women, We will arrange the best massage to you,Because many customers need to see masseur photos, so we are now in the WeChat show masseur photos, how to join us please click here.

China CoolifeSpa Gay Men Massage Boy Picture

Coolife Spa after many years of operation and efforts, After a long training and selection, now has a group of very good massage technician, to provide high-quality massage services from foreign high-end customers in many cities in china.

Some questions and answers:

Q: Why not show all the technician's photos on the site?

A: Not every massage technician is willing to provide photos, especially girls, if you need to see technician photos please download wechat, we show massage technician photos in WeChat.

Q: City list does not have my city how to do?

A: Please do not worry, just contact us and we will help you get a good massage, more cities please click here.

Q: Why not show masseurs' photos?

A: First of all, we do not want to deceive anyone, in China there are many companies like us, they show a lot of beautiful photos, if you do not believe us, you can try their photo information, it is true? Haha. Secondly, we have too many masseurs, and every massage therapists are trained and selected, so please believe us, believe your own feelings.

Q: If I'm not satisfied with my masseuse? What should I do?

A: Do't have to worry, you do not need to pay massage costs,but Please pay the taxi fare.

Q: How do I get a massage?

A: As long as you tell us your hotel information, through the mail, our massage therapist will arrive in your room.

Q:  I live in a mansion with a concierge and porters. I do not like my concierge and neighbours to know I use massage services. How can we do that?

A: Well, first of all, if you don’t tell them they will never know and we will not tell them either. Secondly, our masseur dress and behave very discreet. They will not stick out of the crowd. It will be just another visitor entering the building

Q: Why the appointment needs to be one day ahead of schedule?

A: Because we are very busy every day, to prevent the delay of your appointment, so......

Q: your cost too expensive?

A: There is a difference in everything,Our price includes all,you may call another company,if you like they are unskilled and always ask extra money,money!!!)

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